Fueling Voter Justice

Participation and Representation for All Impact Collective

Voter Justice is a long-term vision to empower communities that have been marginalized, by expanding the electorate and removing barriers to participation so that everyone has a voice in decision-making.

Over the last two years, the Steering Committee of the Participation & Representation for All Impact Collective has met regularly, hosted calls with experts, and conducted individual outreach. Initially, we decided to focus our work on two states – Florida and Georgia – where our investments will have both an immediate and long-term impact.

Last year our portfolio of diverse groups led broad civic engagement efforts and worked with important constituencies in the voter justice landscape. They are led by women and people of color, and they are building power that extends beyond the next election cycle.

Please help support our next work to advance voter justice in 2020 and beyond, and make a contribution today!

Contribute on this page or by check (Memo: Voter Justice) to WDN at P.O. Box 2930, San Francisco, CA 94126.