Reflective Democracy Campaign 2021

The Reflective Democracy Campaign investigates and confronts the demographics of power in the United States. Our research and analysis explore how far we’ve come – and how far we have to go – in achieving a democracy whose leaders reflect all of America, and we fund and spearhead innovative models for transforming a political system that’s been hard-wired to exclude women and people of color.

We generate rigorously researched data on the demographics of American politics from city councils to Congress, sparking coast-to-coast headlines and activism. Our data – the nation’s only comprehensive resource on the race and gender of candidates and elected officials –consistently debunk biases and assumptions. We proved white male “electability” is a myth, and our public opinion research confirmed that majorities of voters want more women and people of color in office.

We catalyze nationwide activism to transform how elections are funded and structured, and engage with political gatekeepers to reshape how candidates are recruited, endorsed, and supported. Our activist grantees are building political power in local communities to promote leadership and policies that center underrepresented constituencies.

Founded by the Women Donors Network in 2014, the Reflective Democracy Campaign is at the forefront of a growing movement for a democracy where all of us are reflected in the halls of power.

If you'd like to give by check, please mail to WDN, PO Box 2930, San Francisco, CA 94126 with Reflective Democracy in the memo.

For stock gifts, please email WDN's CFO Angela Bottum at for our stock transfer details.